Four years ago, I set myself a goal: to recapture the taste of the chocolate-covered alfajores I remembered so well from childhood. The arrival of those delicious confections was always cause for celebration—once or twice a year, if we were lucky, the family we had left behind in Argentina could afford to send us a little taste of home. The sense memory of that exquisite first bite, each fresh encounter more delightful than the last, stayed with me. Dozens of batches of cookies, several rounds of taste tests with my most unsparing Argentinian relatives, and thirteen months of single-minded dedication—one might even say “obsession”—later, I had it.

Since that “aha!” moment, I’ve produced thousands more alfajores. I’ve experimented further with texture and size, coatings and fillings, cookies and designs, never losing sight of the breakthrough that became my foundation. And time after time, from relatives, friends, colleagues, friends of relatives, colleagues of friends, relatives of colleagues, and perfect strangers, I received the same reactions: “I can’t stop eating these!” “I don’t even usually like chocolate, but these are the exception.” “Don’t tell my husband—I hid our stash so I wouldn’t have to share.” 

In 2016, with encouragement from friends and family, including the expert guidance of a professional pastry chef and a chocolatier-cum-sweet shop proprietress, I finally launched a company to deliver my authentic Argentinian alfajores to a wider audience. At Big Sky Sweets, we strive to maintain the same exceptional level of quality in every batch, bringing a taste of Mar del Plata straight to your tastebuds. We are a small family-run company, still growing and adapting to meet our customers’ needs. Bienvenido, gracias, y feliz comiendo!